January 28, 2011

Fun Kid's Valentine Activity

You probably did this sometime in your childhood, but it is one of those fun projects that amaze kids, so I thought it would be something to remind you about.  Buy some white carnations (light pink will work too), and cut the bottoms right before you put them in the water.  Add some food coloring to the water and the flowers will suck the color into their petals.  This will also work with daisies!

I put these together yesterday, so this is 24 hours later.  You can already see the color in the petals!  If you get carnations that are a little bit closed, they work the best because they are still drawing water.

It would be really fun to do 5 smaller vases with 5 different colors in them.  If you give it a try, comment here and let me know!
Have fun!

Here are some vases on Amazon which would be cute to use for this project.


Mare said...

We always used Queen Anne's Lace when we were kids. I loved doing that.

HollyL said...

This is so neat Tami! Ive never heard of doing this! I'll have to give it a try : )

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