January 31, 2009

Silly Photos

V. wanted to make silly faces for the camera today, so I took a bunch. This one was one of my favorites. So, I took a buch of boy elements and made a layout with it. I haven't scrapped in a long time! Feels great to be back at it.
What else have I been up to this week? I made a funny little ballerina paper doll with legs, arms and head that move. She isn't quite done yet though. I'll put her on when I'm finished... probably tomorrow. I also decorated a little more for Valentine's Day because I made a cute little no-sew garland for on the fireplace. Here are some pictures. The photo is my dh's grandparents and it is sitting on a cherub photo stand that was my grandmother's. The "cookies" are made from salt dough, painted, blinged, and sealed with varnish.

January 28, 2009

January 19, 2009

Playing in the Snow

We've gotten a ton of snow in the past two days, so we went out and played in it today. We were freezing, but it was lots of fun! We came back in and had a nice cup of hot tea to warm us up. Got some cute shots out there.... which is my whole reason for going out. LOL!

V's Snow Doggie
The snow wasn't packy enough to make a big snowman, so we made little piles and put their outfits on them. Maybe cuter than a big snowman, don't you think?

School Break

We have a holiday today, so I got out the gingerbread cookies I bought after Christmas for $.99. The kit is really cute an the boys had a blast making (and eating) them. They were totally worth the buck!

Mom's Blog!

My mom now has a new blog. She just starting to work on it, but here is the url!

Check it out. She has the CUTEST soaps EVER!



January 10, 2009

Elegance & Whimsy Site

Hi, Everyone! I found the cutest site today. I love, love, love shabby chic decor and this place has some beautiful things that you can buy at really reasonable prices! You have to see the little wedding cake hat boxes and the petit fours. I have to have them for on my cake plates when they aren't in use! Even the intro to the site is worth watching. So cute!

Check it out if you get a minute!

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