April 21, 2013

Shoulder-less Shirt Re-Make From A Thrift Store Find

 I have had a couple of tops that I saw on Pinterest on my Sewing Inspiration board on Pinterest for a while now and have been thinking about how I can make a shirt like these.  I love the cut out shoulder and decided I can do this myself. 

So, I started with this shirt... I will look for a more appropriately shaped on my next trip to Salvation Army, but this one will do for now.  It is a crepe-y kind of material.  Not sure what to call it.

So, I started at the collar and moved out about 1/2 inch from the collar and cut away the shoulder and the top part of the arm, keeping the underarm connected.  I left the 1/2 inch so that I could hem it right up to the collar.  I did a rolled hem the whole way around the section that I cut out.

Then I tried it on and realized that the underarm was too big on me.  You can see that here.
So, I took the arm and the side of the shirt in. It is a size large and I am a small.  In hindsight, I should have taken it in first to be sure it fit.  So, I cut away the excess material that I had taken in.  It showed through the shirt too much to leave it.  Then I sewed the sleeve to the bodice from the arm pit up about 3 inches both on the front and back.
This is how it turned out and I really like it, but I will still look for a dress that I can make like the first picture above.   Maybe I should have combed my hair or put on some make-up before taking pictures to share with the world.  Oh well, au natural it is.
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April 19, 2013

Washington DC and Springtime

So, it has been a long time since I have blogged about what  we have been doing in our little family.  We are all ready for Spring which seems to be arriving now {finally} in upstate NY!  Whew hoo!

The buds have popped out on the ends of all of the branches!  It shouldn't be long until we have lots of fresh green leaves.

I found a wooly bear on our driveway.  Anyone know what his markings mean?

Oh no!  Look out little guy!  Danger is all around!


For Spring Break, we took a trip to Washington DC.  Some of the flowers were on the trees, ie... magnolias and such, but the apple blossoms weren't out yet.  If you ever thought about heading to DC and thought it was too stuffy or governmental for you, check out these pictures and you may change your mind.

This photo is from the wall of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.  I love the movement and shadows.
This metallic tree sculpture is in the Sculpture Garden on the Mall.

Another sculpture.  I thought he was awesome since it was Easter Sunday and we were here.

This one might be my favorite!  Anyone remember using these erasers?  This one is gigantic!

My second favorite.  Called "The Last Conversation".  They are so awesome.  Wonder what gave the artist the idea to give them beanbag butts?  LOL!  It is outside of the Modern Art Museum.

A close-up of the metallic tree.  Wonder how they did that???
The Magnolias!

Loved the topography in this bottom floor of the MAM.


Art or a giant stick of butter?

 Lots of architecture, of course!
The Washington Monument was under construction, so the picture isn't of the whole building.  Booo!

Can't forget about all of the awesome museums including the one with all of the Dinosaurs and stuff.
A big hit with my oldest, of course.

And whatever this deep sea thing is.  Creepy!

Oh and of course the Hope Diamond, but I couldn't get a very good shot of it because people were crowded around it.  Not very exciting, if you ask me my opinion!

My little photographer.  :-)

All-in-all, it was a great trip and we enjoyed the food more than anything. 
Happy Spring to you!
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