September 30, 2009

Bathroom Makeover Afters

Welcome to the newly decorated... LITTLE BOY BATHROOM! Yeah! It is done. You should check out the previous post to see what it looked like before.

This is the view as you come in the door. I figure that is the best place to start. These curtains, I made for $10. The shower curtain, I already had. I bought the light blue paint at Walmart for $8. The turquoise is leftover from my son's room. I found the surfboard wallpaper border at Walmart on clearance about 2 years ago. I was going to use them in the poolhouse, but changed my mind. Glad I held onto them. Two rolls for $3 each.
I paper pieced the artwork with papers I already had for scrapbooking. The two frames on the outside were $4 each on clearance at WM. The middle one is from the dollar store. I painted some wooden letters in the word "SURF" and put them on the glass with pop-dots. The G&V are the same frames from the dollar store with some large foam letters I got on clearance and have had forever. I think I paid $.75 each for them. Scrapbook paper in the background matches the palm tree leaves.

Because I held the camera at a weird angle, these look like they are crooked on the wall. They really aren't. Click on the photo and it will open larger so you can see the details.

The red "sand" is corregated paper. The background which is the sky is actually paper that has "little boy" words on it.

A bubblegum machine in the bathroom??? Why not? The colors are perfect. LOL!
A close-up of the curtains. I lined them in light blue to match the walls.
The curtain and window through the mirror. The artwork was done by my son. I just love it.
Another $4 frame with Dollar store wrapping paper matting.
New handles. Black replaces the ugly gold ones!
Cute little crab toothbrush holder ($4) and octopus soap dispenser ($5) and surf board night light ($7) that I got on clearance. The blue boxes are from the dollar store ($3) and hold the extra stuff from the dentist, floss, etc. as well as extra bars of soap made by my Mama.
I bought these lights to go in the bathroom at my old house but never installed them. They made the move and I'm glad they did. I got them at Costco for $19! Great price!!!
I am going to move this up and over a little, but it is the boys' calendar. Nice for planning mornings.
TADA! This is the bathroom in use. Brush those teeth little surfer boy!
Hope you enjoyed the bathroom make-over. Bright, cheery and CHEAP!

September 29, 2009

Bathroom Befores

Once upon a time there were two little boys who lived unhappily, using a bathroom that induced vomiting upon use. This bathroom was cause for much pity from the boys' mom and was sworn to be the first project to be completed when she moved into the house. Unfortunately, the evil-although-pitying mother never felt compelled to get a start on the garish bathroom for four long years and so the boys had to close their eyes every time they went into this atrocious bathroom.

Even the light fixtures made the little boys sad.....

Until one bright and sunny autumn morning, the mom decided that her boys had been sad long enough and that it was time to redecorate the overly-floral-old-lady bathroom for the boys.
Soon enough, you will see the happily ever after of the story of the boy bathroom!

How to Paint a Perfectly Crisp Line on the Wall Using Painter's Tape

Have you ever tried to paint a line using painter's tape only to find that the paint has seeped under the edge and made a mess??? This has happened to me way too many times, so I was about to give up. Then I read somewhere on the interwebs a TRICK! I'm going to show you because I tried it and it worked! Okay, it only took me 40 years to learn this trick and I'm so glad I now know it.

Start like this.... Paint one of the colors on your wall. I started with light blue. I painted a little further down than I needed to go. Next, let the paint dry.

Next, on top of the paint you just painted, place your masking (painter's) tape.

Now here's the trick!!! Using your same color, paint over the tape. In other words, I started with light blue tape, so I painted over the tape edge that will line up with the new color with the light blue paint. This allows the original color to bleed rather than the next color.

Now paint over the bottom part of your wall with your 2nd color. Also cover the bottom of the tape line with the 2nd color.

Remove your tape and TA DA! You've got a perfectly crisp line. AWESOME. A picture of my actual wall is below....

And here is my ACTUAL wall! AWESOME!!!

Happy Painting!!!


September 20, 2009

Wedding Card

About 8 years ago, I saw this cute little card in a shop in San Diego. I loved it and decided to sketch it out on a piece of paper that was in my purse. I then copied it to my "idea notebook" that I keep in my craftroom. I was cleaning and reorganizing my craft room last week when
I came across that notebook. So, I decided to work out how to make the card. I hand-drew the pictures on it after I figured out how to fold it. I then painted it with watercolors and then traced it in black ink.
Here it is.

And here is a template if you would like it. Be sure to click on the photo so that it opens
larger before you try to print it.


September 4, 2009

How to Make a Cell Phone Case

This is such a simple idea, but I thought it might inspire someone!

I found these CUTE sunglass cases at the dollar store. {I know! For only $1!) The problem is.... my glasses are too big for the cases. So, they have been sitting around for a year.

All of my glasses are big. Too wide for these cases.

I DID just get a new cell phone (The LG Xenon) and needed a case. I threw the phone in one of these cases, but it was a pain to get out because it was too deep.

I have two of this one, so the picture on the left is the outside and the picture on the right is the inside. How cute is the inside, btw??? I could almost use it that way, but there is a pocket on the back of the rightside-out side.

So, anyway, I turned it inside out and measured my phone for depth.

Next, I zig-zag stitched across the bottom (backstitching to hold it on each end) and then I
did a straight stitch across the zig-zag just for extra strength.

Next, I cut below the stitching.

Turned it rightside out. And put my phone in it. PERFECT!!!


September 3, 2009

Little Ella

Ella (from previous post) had to have surgery again yesterday. The tube was clogged and had moved, so they had to go in and fix it again. This is (I think) the 5th brain surgery she had had in her 8 short months. Poor baby and poor mom and dad!

Other than that, I spent the past three days weeding my front flower beds and tearing my craft room apart and totally re-organizing it. I will get it just right someday! I can't be creative if I can't find stuff. Is anyone else out there like this?

We also went to the Farmer's Museum and I took pictures (We even got to milk a real cow) but they are on my new phone and I don't have a chord to upload them with, so those will be soon to come.
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