August 9, 2011

Bloggers! Try this!

I just figured out the coolest thing!  It was quite by accident.  If you blog on blogger or log into your blog through gmail and you have a smart phone or tablet you have to try this!

Find the app called "HP iPrint" in the market.  I found this in my Android Market, but I have  feeling it is available in the iPhone market too.

Anyway, download it and open it.  My printers are too old to print from this app, but I opened my Gallery from this app and it pulled up EVERY  picure from all three of my jblogspot blogs in the gallery!!!

I tell you, it was a total walk down memory lane!  Pictures from back when I started blogging filled my gallery. I am quite amazed how much blogging I have done and how many aweaome projects I have done.  You really must try it.  And, if your blog is through some other site and you try it, let me know if it works or not.

Like I said, my printers won't print these because they aren't connected to wifi but I will keep the app just to have all of those pictures to look at!
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