January 29, 2008

Vaughn's Ghost Picture

Ok... so I know I'm pale in the wintertime, but come on. Can this be? I guess the camera couldn't take the contrast between black and white. Maybe I should have adjusted something for him. LOL! Maybe I'm really a ghost? Not sure!

More Valentines

Bird Card

January 28, 2008

New Layout

I'm loving this picture of Vaughn. That might explain why I've scrapped it 3 or 4 times! Most of this page was done with Weeds & Wildflowers kits, but the snowflakes are from newlife's dream.

I've also done a collage type layout for Graham. A lot of the items in this layout are from lazykitty. I really need to write these down as I make them. LOL! I have to go back and figure out where I got the paper and the other elements. The snow flurries are from little dreamer.

January 23, 2008


I forgot to post my Plankton cupcakes that I made for Vaughn's b-day party. Here he is!
These are made of Twinkies and some marshmallow fondant. I found the fondant recipe at www.cakecentral.com!

January 22, 2008

Today's Scrap

I used Weeds & Wildflowers' kit called A Wildflower Holiday for the background papers. Journal Starter by Jackie Eckles at Little Dreamer as is the Thankful Heart. Snowflakes and the element across the top are from Blue Christmas by Retrodiva. The other three layouts were done with Blue Christmas as well.

I had SO much fun making these cups! I took the liner that came with the cup, scanned it into the computer and used that shape as the template. Then I used some Shabby Princess papers and some other fun freebies I had and turned them into fabulous cups for all of my friends! Oh... and for me! I didn't get pictures of all of them, so I included the layouts that I printed out too.

Ok... this one is a little boring and I just got all of the pics from websites online. Just wanted to show you that men's stuff can be cute too. LOL!
I used papers from the Stand Up & Scrap kit for this layout. They are from a Little Dreamer challenge I participated in. How cute did this turn out??? I love it! These papers are from both Shabby Princess' Amore kit and teh Stand Up & Scrap kit. This was my cup!

These papers and elements are from Shabby Princess Amore and some freebies I got from ? Sorry! Have to find them and document them. I made the cups on Kris' and Lynnell's by cutting them out freehand in PSP.

Actual (Paper) Scrapbook

Okay... don't mind the black and white background. Sorry...that's my desk in my craftroom. I covered it with paper (of course! I LOVE paper!) But the colors do pop on it, don't you think?
This was a already made brag book from www.littledreamer.com. I loved the kit and had to use it for my boys since these are the colors that their rooms are done in!

January 21, 2008

321-Blast Off!

There are more pages to this scrapbook, but I couldn't get them to upload. Something is wrong at Blogspot, so when it is up, I will finish it. This cute kit is from Little Dreamer and if you get the kit (called 321 Blast Off), you get the brag book for free. Good deal!

January 15, 2008

Miss Mika

I used a great freebie from Marieke Vermeulen for this layout.Her graphics are too cute!


Vaughn and I had to do a homework project tonight. We had so much fun! I finally got to do a crafty thing for school. We had to decorate a letter I with things Vaughn likes and with things about him. Here it is.

Now... I have to tell you... the Alien was supposed to be a "Brain sucking Alien from Mars"... but I thought that might be too graphic for school.. Also, he made me put the "NO MUSTARD" sign on the hotdog. LOL! Oh... and where it says, "I like to...." He wanted me to put "Run in circles like an idiot" !!! What a kid I've got here!

Click on it to make it bigger so you can see what is on it.

Wedding Memories

I've been meaning to make a little scrapbook for Chad and Amy from their tins they gave out as favors, but never go to it until now. Here it is. I haven't added their pictures yet, but will soon.
I think it turned out pretty cute. It is only about 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches. Tiny!

This says "Two hearts" but it is hard to see unless you lift the tiny hearts.

Oh... and yet another Valentine card. I love purple and blue together.

Primitive Heart

I'm not much of a seamstress, but if I can create my own thing without a pattern, I think I do alright. Here's a fun heart that I made using some scraps I had. I printed the blue and tan snowflake on tan cloth and then cut it out. I then cut the pink material around the blue heart.
After I sewed it and filled it, I sprayed it with a eucalyptus spray that is a brown spray to grunge it up. I also added moss and the silk flowers which I inked the edges of to give them some grunge as well.

Valentine's Day is Coming!

I made the LOVE scrapbook myself using a large font. I have the digital pages for it if anyone wants. You just cut them out and attach them to some cardstock (I used pink). Then add your own embellishments and pictures. Then punch holes and thread them with ribbon.

Most of these cards are hybrid projects. I create sheets with butterflies, hearts, etc. in Paintshop Pro. Then I print them, cut them, combine them with other papers, stickers, etc and come up with a card using them.

The kit used on a lot of these are freebies from www.theshabbyprincess.com. She has awesome freebies... and her kits that you buy are amazing too!

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