July 31, 2007

Graham's Creation

Graham drew a picture of an angler fish that he wanted me to make from socks. He even went so far as to tell me which parts should be made with which socks! Here is what he came up with.

July 27, 2007

One More Sock Creature

Here's last night's creation. This is a girly one that matches Graham's. Isn't she pretty???

Mika is 9 years old

Yesterday was Mika's birthday! We make her a shrimp cake every year! Here's her cake this year. Vaughn decorated it with Goldfish crackers.

July 26, 2007

Another Doll... oh... excuse me "CREATURE"

I'm not allowed to call these dolls since they are for boys. Here's another creature I created today.

Latest Greatest Craft Project

I just love how this little sock creature turned out! My son found a great book at the library that showed us how to make it! It is called Stupid Sock Creatures. There are no real patterns. You make what you feel like making, but it does show how to sew a doll together nicely!

July 23, 2007

Watkins Glen

Here are some cool pictures from Watkin's Glen. We climbed and climbed and had so much fun!

July 20, 2007

Today's Layout

I finished another layout today. The kids had a blast playing
together in the hot tub while their cousins were here.

This kit is called My First Flowers and it is by Verena Karolyi at digital freebies

July 19, 2007


Latest Scrapbook Page

These are L-R, my niece Samantha, my nephew Ethan and my son Graham.

The kit is by Tracy Collins.

Graham Joke

Why does a ballerina wear a tu-tu?

Because a one-one is too small and
a three-three is too big!

Digital Graphics Fun

I was showing Graham and Vaughn some cool digital graphics where artists merged two pictures to make to look like one. They came to me through one of my groups. Anyway, Graham wanted to know how they did that, so I made this to show him. He LOVED it! Maybe he is a future graphics designer in the making???

Little People Who Make Me EVEN Happier

Here is Graham showing me the window well at the church.

Graham blowing bubbles at the church.

Vaughn blowing bubbles.

Vaughn blowing bubbles again.

Oh yeah, and there is some creepy guy in the background of this photo.
LOL... Just kidding, that's my husband, Jeff.

Wendy's Birthday Card

Here is Wendy's 3D card.

My necklace

Here it is! The necklace I got on Saturday at Tom's.

More things that make me happy

Here are a few more fun things that are in my craft room. I will have other new pictures later.

Here is the card that I made for my friend Kris' birthday. The card outline is at House of Stirfry

Things that Make me Happy!

Here are a few things that I LOVE that are in my craftroom. I will add more after the batteries charge in my camera.

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