December 27, 2011

Just a Little New Year's Freebie Cupcake Wrapper

Just right click, set up your printer options and print!  Or download to your desktop so you can save it on your computer.

Happy New Year!

December 12, 2011

Hot Cocoa Birthday Party

My son's 9th birthday happens to fall right before Christmas, so this year we moved his party ahead and celebrated early.  Why didn't I do this before?  It gave me a lot of time to prepare and we had a blast getting ready instead of putting this on top of present wrapping and Christmas parties & dinners.

I decorate mostly in red, white and light blue for Christmas, so I decided to go with those colors for his party too.  I am sure the pictures speak for themselves.  Everyone had a good time and the cocoas (especially the Nutella cocoa) were yummy!

I found a lot of these ideas on the internet by searching for hot cocoa party!

These cups are made using those GIANT marshmallows!

The table is wrapped with wrapping paper.

Did I mention that my son has a large personality?

The cake is a Mario Power-UP mushroom.  I just baked a cake in a large metal mixing bowl, put it on top of a cake stand, covered it with chocolate icing, rolled fondant and painted eyes on the bottom of the cake stand with chocolate.
Happy birthday, to my little one!

Treelighting Ceremony

Remember, Santa is watching!  Our town has a wonderful tradition in the town square.  Santa comes and all of the 3-6th graders sing Christmas carols on the front steps of the court house.  After the carols, the trees in the square are lit.  Love this Santa, don't you!?!

Christmas Tree

Does anything say Christmas more than a little kitty curled up by the fire and under the tree.....

Except a little boy in footie pajamas curled up near the tree?


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