November 27, 2008


We had a great Thanksgiving today. The kids tried everything which is a new treat for us! The centerpiece is two cake plates stacked one on top of the other. On the top one is the linen roll holder that Kris got us while in Czechoslovakia. I put tangerines in the middle, rolls around the outside and tangerines at the bottom of the cake stand. The berry wreath around the outside is sitting on the edge of the bottom glass cake plate.

We sat the camera on the stairs and took a family photo. LOL! WE weren't sure when it would go off and you can tell by the looks on our faces.

One word.... YUM! A chocolate macadamia tart (from Martha Stewart). TotallyWTC (worth the calories). It is basically a chocolate shortbread crust, homemade caramel (I didn't use the recipe's caramel... but went with MS's caramel apple caramel instead), toasted macadamia nuts, and ganache.Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

November 15, 2008

My Shabby Trees!

Shabby trees! Yeah! Santa can come now! OK... so I'm a little early, but I want to enjoy these trees as long as possible.

November 11, 2008

Mandalas for the Holidays

I made some fun ornaments today out of paper. I made a 3D sheet mandala using mandalas someone sent into one of my groups. You can find others here if you'd like to color your own.

I cut each section out and put it on top of the bigger one using pop-dots. This gives a nice 3D effect. I then glittered them and used puff paints on some parts and put some bling on some parts. I'm going to use my pink one on my shabby chic tree. The blue and purple one, I put on one of my Christmas cards I made. If you'd like a copy of the 3D sheet I used, you can email me at

Getting Ready!

Christmas is coming quickly and I'm preparing to do a shabby chic tree. I haven't found the actual tree... I guess I'd better get a move on that! Below are the ornaments I've collected for on this tree. Whether they all make it on the tree or not is questionable. I'm not sure about the greens and not even about the brighter blues, but we'll see! Soon!

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