January 25, 2011

Don't Discount Thrift Stores - Thrify Finds

My friends and I had so much fun hunting through thrift stores today.  We really did find some fun things.  I generally buy glassware, while one of my friends goes for linens and tablecloths.  Whatever you collect or search for, you can find it it you thrift enough.  My other friends buy kids clothes, books, whatever! 

This is one of the things my friend Janet found and knew I would love and she was right. I didn't take a before picture, but imagine this little stand in an ugly gold finish.  Now see the "after" which I painted up with some light blue spray paint.  She actually got this free at one of the thrift shops!  I also go the cheese dome as a freebie at a thrift shop.  The plate is a Martha Stewart plate which Janet also found for me (knowing my love for pink!)  It really is amazing what a spritz of spraypaint can do!

I also found this little apothecary jar on the right which I plan to fill up with Valentine's Day candy.  I LOVE
apothecaries!    Oh... and this one was $1.

Everything in this tray is from a thrift store or dollar store except for those little angels which my Aunt Gretchen sent to me.  I need some flowers for my vases.


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