February 23, 2011

DIY Dish Winner... I am!

Can I just tell you how EXCITED we are at our house?  We won the DIY DISH giveaway from GameStop.  I have two little boys who can't contain themselves!  Thank you Kris and Kim! 

I should direct you all over to DIY Dish and tell you that they have a GREAT video tutorial that shows how to make infinity scarves.... and it takes NO SEWING!  SRSLY!   So, I watched the video this afternoon, raided my husband's closet and set right to work.  Two minutes  later (I'm not exaggerating), I had a great scarf to match the hat that I was wearing at the time. 

Here it is...  Sorry for the bad picture.  I took it in a mirror and I guess the flash caught all of the dust on the mirror or something.  It is really hard to take a picture of yourself in the mirror.  I look like a dork in all of them.  But, regardless of my dorkiness,  check out the scarf I made in two minutes.  AWESOME!  I love it.

So, we won $180 worth of videogames from GameStop.com and we ordered them the moment we received the code.  We got Donkey Kong Country Returns, uDraw with all of the drawing stuff, Just Dance 2 and a puzzle game for the DS.  The name escapes me right now.  My boys can't wait for the mailman! Whew hoo!

I think it is time for me to change my header from Christmas to something more appropriate.  One of these days I will have time.

I hope you have some good luck this week too!

If you get a chance, be sure to stop by The Girl Creative. She is having a crafty blog hop. This is a great place to find new and interesting blogs to follow!
The Girl Creative

February 5, 2011

Sewing Room Redecorated

I think I'm finally as done as I'm going to be on this room!  Well, there is always room for more art on the walls and perhaps new carpeting, but for now... it is done.  Months ago I decided to start this project and then only had a few things left to do and didn't do them until this weekend.

The closet doors were those hollow sliders and they were ugly and brown.  I removed them!  You can read more about the closet makeover on yesterday's post if you missed it.
Here's what the closet looks like now....

So, following is the room as it is now.  I tried to take a picture from the door, around the room, and back to the door.  It was a fun project and is very whimsical and hand-crafted!

This is what you see as you walk in the door.... 
I painted the desk, topped it with a wider board, covered that board with heavy wrapping paper.... (the wine bottle is not wine although I wish I had some right now.... it is kitty catnip... called Meow Merlot).  Admittedly, this back wall could use more art on it, but that will happen as I find the right things for it.
 Made a skirt and cushion for the chair, made and ironing board cover and the basket behind the ironing board which houses my sewing books and magazines.
This is a close-up of those projects from a previous post.
 I also painted the mirror which is above the sewing machine.

 Around the corner we go.... I painted the dresser which holds my extra fabric, buttons and fillers.  Each drawer is lined with the wrapping paper and has different colored insides!  You can see more about the furniture painting & chair coverings and ironing board cover....HERE.
Here's the dresser.... Love how it turned out!
I made this sign which says "My Happy Place" and the owl pin cushion... and the cake plates.  Oh.. and the hearts from salt dough.
 Here is the closet I turned into a cutting area this weekend.  I'm loving it!!!  In this picture, I made the coffee filter puffs, the pillow, the pictures are scrapbook papers in frames with 3D stickers on the outside of the glass. 
I used a lid from one of the metal jars on the right to create the scallop near the ceiling. I traced it and then painted the ceiling and scallop red.  I then traced the edges with a Sharpie so it is outlined in black.

I also made the pocket organizer on the back of the door.  It is nice because when the door it open, it is right beside me where I cut my fabric, so I can have all of my tools in the pockets rather than on the table surface.

It was a lot of work, but I get inspired to create while I'm in this room, so I guess it was all worth it!

Closet Turned Sewing Room

I think perhaps most people have them... the dreaded closet with the dreaded stuff in it.  You know the one...

I had one in my sewing room and my sewing room is very small (maybe 15x15).  The closet is a nice sized closet, but it was full of two huge moving boxes filled with stuff I didn't want to put in the house when we moved here.  So why did I hold onto it for this long?  Who knows?  Thursday, I took the stuff to the donations place and took the doors off of the closet. On Friday morning, I bought some paint and on Friday afternoon, I had all of the BLUE walls painted.  Friday night, I painted the cute RED ceiling.  On Saturday morning, I painted all of the ugly wood trim WHITE and waaalllllaaaa!   I have more room in my craftroom for cutting and moving about.
  It looks so cute, I think I have to go play in the closet first thing tomorrow morning!
Don't you think???

Tomorrow I will be finally showing the room in its entirety.  I have been working on it for a long time and it is finally finished save some more art for the walls.  That will happen as I find it.

Happy weekend!

February 1, 2011

Ninja Party

I was just looking for my son's ninja party on this blog. I was sure I posted it here, but low and behold, I had not posted it on my crafty blog.  I want this to show up under my Kid Party label, so I'm sharing it with you now!  The cupcake wrappers and toppers can be found here on my foodie blog.

A Post from September:

My son's birthday party was today. I had made the cute little cupcake wrappers and toppers from my previous post, but when I went to print them, I had run out of ink! Yikes! The toppers printed gray rather than black ink, so I cut them out anyway and traced the eyes with black pen. Then I used my cupcake wrapper as a template and cut black ones out of black construction paper and wrapped them with red ribbon. In a pinch, it worked.

I also made some origami throwing stars to use as decorations (and weapons)...

Ninja swords on the chair backs lead to some great ninja battles. I had to take the swords away eventually though because they were getting a little too serious! The balls in the glass container on the table are actually gumballs from Party City! Black, Silver and Pearl!

I sewed some headbands and put some Asian symbols on them. Each boy wore one and then took them home with them. Oh... and they were told to dress in their ninja-wear if they had any. They all did! The banner says (probably barely says) "Happy 10th Birthday Adorable Ninja Son"

Word of warning.... the ninja head toppers are flammable. See that guy in the front?

Ninjas of many shapes and sizes came to the party. Even my husband dressed up and surprised the boys with a sneak attack which happened in the blink of an eye. He jumped over the couch while they were watching the presents being opened and stole one of the gifts and took off with it! Lots of excitement!!! The boys didn't even hesitate and took off after him! They were ninja warriors and rescued the stolen gift in mere moments! It all happened so fast I couldn't even get a picture! With all of the cameras in the room, you would think someone could have, but no one did!

Oh... and yes, we had pizza at the party. Pizza is Ninja food according to my son's t-shirt.

The weather stunk... so no better day for a party indoors!

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