February 23, 2011

DIY Dish Winner... I am!

Can I just tell you how EXCITED we are at our house?  We won the DIY DISH giveaway from GameStop.  I have two little boys who can't contain themselves!  Thank you Kris and Kim! 

I should direct you all over to DIY Dish and tell you that they have a GREAT video tutorial that shows how to make infinity scarves.... and it takes NO SEWING!  SRSLY!   So, I watched the video this afternoon, raided my husband's closet and set right to work.  Two minutes  later (I'm not exaggerating), I had a great scarf to match the hat that I was wearing at the time. 

Here it is...  Sorry for the bad picture.  I took it in a mirror and I guess the flash caught all of the dust on the mirror or something.  It is really hard to take a picture of yourself in the mirror.  I look like a dork in all of them.  But, regardless of my dorkiness,  check out the scarf I made in two minutes.  AWESOME!  I love it.

So, we won $180 worth of videogames from GameStop.com and we ordered them the moment we received the code.  We got Donkey Kong Country Returns, uDraw with all of the drawing stuff, Just Dance 2 and a puzzle game for the DS.  The name escapes me right now.  My boys can't wait for the mailman! Whew hoo!

I think it is time for me to change my header from Christmas to something more appropriate.  One of these days I will have time.

I hope you have some good luck this week too!

If you get a chance, be sure to stop by The Girl Creative. She is having a crafty blog hop. This is a great place to find new and interesting blogs to follow!
The Girl Creative

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Mommyof2girlz said...

Congrats on the awesome win and the scarf is wicked cute ;)

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