March 18, 2010

Easter Plates and Snot-Nosed Kids

It has been a whole week of kids with colds, coughs and sneezes. It has been a whole week of the same with me.  I think they caught it from me.  Stinks....  Blech!

So, tell me, did you ever see this look on the face of your child when you serve them a meal?  I haven't...  Not my child!  Not my meal! 

Ok, but it was St. Patrick's Day, so I thought I'd get clever and make some mashed potatoes with GREEN gravy.  Of course, I only had NEON GREEN food coloring in my drawer, so I used it.  But come on... How cute is it that it matches the plate???  Too bad he thought it looked like NUCLEAR WASTE!

I made it up to him with Lucky Charm cupcakes to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  {Oh yeah, forget that we are not Irish}  We celebrate it anyway!

So, I found these Easter paper plates at my dollar store the other day and thought they were so cute, so I added them to the plates to make my table Easter-y.  I have done more to the table, but I am making something for it {I think!}, so I will show you when I'm done.  Sorry... you'll just have to wait.  I can tell you are waiting with bated breath!
These napkin holders are actually real vases that hold water and these are real flowers.  So pretty!

Oh... and one more thing.... on my pretty Easter table, is this.....
You see that correctly.... camoflauge napkins. Ya....  My boys picked them out.  Lovely, don't you think?  Ha! 

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Andrea said...

Ok, the green gravy is hilarious! That face is even funnier! I love the cupcake wrappers. I'm not sure why, but your posts haven't been showing up on my dashboard!

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