February 27, 2010

Snowmen {Who Doesn't Love 'Em?}

I have created some new cupcake wrappers and posted them on my Food Art blog. If you would like to play inside on this snowy day, why not bake some cupcakes and use these pretty wrappers to decorate them? :-) Don't forget to send me links to your pictures if you do! There are many more than this one.


Kristi said...

HI Tami,
I came here from Debra's blog (bunny's bungalow) and noticed you said upstate NY. I'm in upstate as well! We are in Albany county and we have the snow as well!!
Your blog looks great! I'll be reading! :)

Small House said...

He's a perfect snowman!!!!!!!
But as cute as he is....you keep the snow. I don't want anymore. HAHAHA UNLESS....I can have a hot tub to!

Gretchen said...

I'm glad it's you and not me having all the snow! We're having rain today. Good day to stay inside and bead!


Kristi said...

ps- my boys just went NUTS when they saw your hot tub!! We are building a new house and they both just said we HAVE to have one! LOL

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