February 6, 2010

Comments on Blogs

I love getting comments on my blog posts. I have so much fun reading them and then going to that person's blog to see what they do. I figure if someone took the time to comment on my post, they must like what I'm up to. On the flip side, I may also like what they've done on their blog. This is true most of the time.

Thinking about all of these great comments, I have to thank some lovely bloggers who always stop by and leave comments for me. They are always so sweet and I also go to their blogs and follow them because their stuff is so cute {or tasty!} too. If you like my blog, you should check them out and leave them some love in the comments. They really are great people.

Thank you ladies for making my day many times over!

Also, if you'd like to find a LOT of blogs to check out, you should go to The Secret is In the Sauce site. They post a blogger of the day for you to check out and then people leave comments on both the blogger of the day site and the SITs site. You will definitely find blogs you are interested there!

Hopefully I've given you a lot to read on this fine Saturday (especially if you are snowed in!)




AmericanTribal said...

The pictures on the side of your blogs are so cute!

I love comments too and I think it's awesome that you linked all your faithful commentors on your post in true SITSta fashion :)

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Andrea said...

Happy Saturday! I'm going to check out some of your pals!

Mommyof2girlz said...

Aww, I was just swinging by to say hey and saw the post. Thanks sweetie, I do love your blog and also appreciate when you come over for "hellos". This is funny b/c I'm in the middle of my post about my "tribe" and had you on it as well..lol Have an awesome day :)

Sally said...

It's not snowing here (Florida) but I'm enjoying reading blogs through SITS.

Your's is CUTE!! :)

Love the mouse pin cushion too!

B's Mom said...

Thanks for the reading, Tami!

Mommyof2girlz said...

Okay got my Blog Tribe post up, stop by and pickup your prize :)

Maggi said...

Awesome post, I love finding new blogs to read! Your kids are adorable!

Visiting from SITS, have a great day!

thatgirlisfunny said...

I love comments too, SITStah! I'm loving clicking links and landing on interesting blogs with funny kids and lots of love. Have an awesome Sunday! Stop by and visit me sometime...

Gretchen said...

Geez! I finally figured out how to follow your blog. Then it's another experience on how to post a comment. But, I'm finally getting there, although it's taken me all afternoon! I'm old (don't hold that against me).


Christina Lee said...

Yeah the community of bloggers is great, right? have a great day!

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