October 13, 2011

A Trip in Photos

 This past weekend, I drove to my parents' house in PA.  It is about a 6 hour drive and I went to visit with my parents, of course, but I also went to see my new baby niece and my great nephew.  Here are a few pictures of things we saw along the way or while we were there.  Thought you might enjoy seeing the pretty fall scenery in upstate NY and NW PA.

This is a round barn in Greene, NY.

We were lucky enough to see this guy on our way home!

Another round barn.  They fascinate me.
Autumn Color...

Ruins in Austin, PA
A pretty kitty
The leaves fell from around this giant wasps nest in my back yard.  Love it!

The geese flying south
Fall falling...

My baby niece.  So tiny!  She was a premie and is two weeks old in this photo

My great nephew.   All of two months old!
Under the haystack fast asleep... Ok... on top of the haystack.  :-)

Happy Fall!
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