October 1, 2011

A Photography Walk

Sometimes you just forget to look around you and really see what is there.  This past week a friend and I took our cameras and took some shots around the country roads near my house.  I think I got some neat ones.  I will share them here this week.  If she blogs hers, I will share that link too. She got some great barn shots too.

This is an old barn on a country road near my house.

A stormy day....

A bit of post-production for a cool look!

This hornet's nest is in my backyard.  It is huge!  Far larger than a football!

The fog on this lake and mountains made for some neat post-production pictures!

I hope you enjoyed the Autumn spendor of Upstate NY!


Joy Burkhart said...

I LOVE your photos! These are super - autumn at its best. Great barn shots!

Logo Pogo said...

Hi Tami, They all look awesome! We must have been thinking the same. I decided to start adding mine onto my blog as well. I didn't put the barn ones up yet. But I did add four from the fairgrounds. I decided I would add a few each day as I always struggle with blog ideas. So if you would like to put up a link please do. W

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