October 22, 2011

How to Make a Halloween Spider Nest Decoration

Halloween and spookiness.

Welcome to our haunted house.

My favorite part of our Halloween decor this year is the spider nest.  It is pretty gross.  I mean to buy more little spiders to attach all over it. 

In order to make this project, you will need:

1 balloon
1 spool of cotton twine
1 bottle of Elmer's Glue

That's it!

In order to make this project, I would suggest you find a place where you can tie your balloon up.  I used the chandelier over my table.  You will also need to prepare the surface under the balloon with some newspaper because you will have drippy glue everywhere.

Pour the glue into a large bowl.  Unravel some of your cotton twine and put one end of it into the glue.  I started with 2 foot sections of twine without cutting it.  Start at the top of the balloon and stick the sticky, gluey, messy twine on to the balloon.  Wrap and wrap and wrap and then unravel more twine into the glue, coating the twine as you go.  Wrap in all different directions.  When you have lots of twine on the balloon, leave it to dry.  After about a day, you can pop your balloon and you will have an awesome spider nest. 
I attached a long piece of twine to the top parts of the nest to create a hanger that attaches from one side to the other.  This helped the nest to hang and get even smaller on top and wider on the bottom. 

Attach lots of little spiders (I just intertwined their legs with the string) and you've got a spider nest for Halloween. 

Have fun spooking!

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