May 29, 2010

Tablescape: Memorial Day BBQ

Tomorrow is going to be crazy, so I decided to go ahead and post this tonight.  Two posts in one day!

We will be spending our Memorial Day by the pool and bbq'ing leg of lamb and Thai satays on the grill. I spent the afternoon cleaning and prepping the picnic room which I mentioned yesterday. Here's the party prep.....  Nothing too fancy...
I got this table cloth at Walmart and I'm not really loving it, but it will do.  I saw a tutorial showing how to make it fitted to the table.  That might be what I should have done.  Maybe it would be cuter that way.

The room has bench seating the whole way around, but I thought it might feel homier with the chairs.  I do like it this way for a change.

This glittered star garland I found at Salvation Army has gone a long way.  I cut it apart and have been using it all over the place.  I love the curly-q wires that stick out of it.

Just made these napkin rings today! My nice hubby picked up these striped napkins at Ikea.
He's so thoughtful!

I really want to paint this room white and put up a ceiling fan and curtains, but my husband really loves the feel of this room as it is.  Rustic and woody. I'm not a big natural wood fan, but he loves it, so I guess that will take some more prompting.
Perhaps I need to remove this runner and iron it.  Hmmm... didn't notice in real life, but they show up really nicely in this picture.  Can you believe how many patterns I put together on this table?  Feels like a quilt to me.

This is a wasps nest which my oldest collected from the yard.  He also collects all kinds of things from nature and some of them ar in the jar.  This hangs on the wall of the picnic room.  I added a picture of that wall below.  This is where our beverage refrigerator and storage is.

Enjoy your holiday and the sunshine (fingers crossed!)


Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

Ooooh, I love it! My favorite part? Those red and white polka dot plates! WHERE did you find those? Everything is so cute! Great job!

Bryann said...

Such cute decorating!! I will say I have to agree on the rustic look of the room, More homey & creative :) Looks great! Happy Memorial Day!

Just this... Alice said...

Thank you so much for the ideas. It is hard to choose which to use. Hope your Memorial Day is as lovely as your decorations. Best Wishes,A

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jeff. Leave the picnic room as it is. It's beautiful!!! Love all your decorations too.

Little Lovables said...

it looks adorable!

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