August 31, 2010

A Digital Girl in a Digital World

I am so excited!  I found this awesome camera at en estate sale this weekend!  $5!  I can't believe how much I already love it.  Just the heft of it makes it special!  I've already started playing with it.  I'll let you know how the pictures turn out.  I, of course, have a lot to learn, but I did print out and read the instruction manual, so I kinda get it.  The best part of it?  My grandmother had a Canon AE-1 Program that she LOVED, so I'm thinking I will love this one too.  Have any experience with this camera? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

I've been using a digital camera most of my photographic life, so I'm looking forward to trying to use a REAL camera.  I hope it works as I had to get a battery and film for it.  The flash works and everything seems to be in working order.

Don't forget that today is Etsy Originals over at The Girl Creative!  A good way to advertise your ETSY shop!  I put mine on there.

Etsy Originals


1 comment:

Mommyof2girlz said...

Awesome deal! I just got my first DSLR camera and am so excited..still figuring it out but it's going. Can't wait to see what you snap with your new find :)

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