April 21, 2010

Our Spring Break

We just came back from our Spring Break in Manhattan and we had an awesome time!  I am tired and the kids are beat.  Walking all over NY is great exercise!  The biggest thrill and the first thing I have to blog about is that Seth Aaron from Project Runway was staying at our hotel!  He was really nice and let me take a photo outside where he was vegging.   I can't wait to see who won tomorrow night!  I really love his stuff so far and can't wait to see his collection.  I think Mila has to be a close second though.  Her stuff is retro cool and very black and white which is a favorite combo of mine.

Anyway, here he is!  Love those over-sized glasses, don't you?  More later.... AFTER I get some sleep.


InnovativeMom said...

ugh! So jealous!!!! I <3 him!

Bryann said...

Just found your blog. positively refreshing :)

Teresa said...

OMGoodness Tami!
You really did meet SETH AARON!
Those are some ROCKIN shades!
I just know his runways designs are going to be soooo funky tonight!
Hope he wins! xo

Cindy said...

Lucky Duck. I have loved PR this season. So happy he won.

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