January 2, 2010

I'm a Winner! Are you?

Have you ever seen blogs that are dedicated to trying products and reviewing them? They are pretty awesome! They tell you about a product that they have reviewed and then usually have a giveaway at the end. Well, I won TWO giveaways over the Christmas break!

The first giveaway I won was from a site called Honest & Truly Reviews. I won 4 movie passes and a coupon for a free box of cereal! Right now she's having a give away Aloutette cheese! Head over and check her out. Be sure to enter. It is really easy. Just leave a comment at the bottom of her post about your favorite cheese!
The second thing I won was a givaway at an online store called Spalibrations. I won a $25 gift certificate to her store! How cool is that? I, just today, recieved my products. I got her hand candies. They smell SOOO great! Especially the bubble gum one which has a fragrance called Yum Yum. My boys thought it was the best scent too. I had to open each one and smell it, so they don't look quite as pretty now as they did, but check these out. Aren't they cute?

Better, is how your hands feel and smell after you use them! You are directed to crumble them and wash with them. I crumbled about 1/3 of one and used it. OH YUM! My hands feel so soft! And they smell even better! I used the Key Lime Pie one. All of my boys (including my husband) said they smell great. Am I lucky or what? Especially in this horrible winter weather where my hands feel like sandpaper! Not anymore.



Small House said...

LUCKY! That's what you are is lucky! The winter does a number on our skin doesn't it?
Have a great day.

Coniqua said...

Thanks so much for entering I'm so glad that you enjoyed the products :) I hope you and your family enjoy the movie as well.

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