January 10, 2010


There is going to be a giveaway on my mom's blog, so be sure to check out her post! You need to become a fan on Facebook, so sign up today!

On another note, there is a giveaway at "The Coffee Shop". It is for a $20 Starbuck's gift card. On second thought, don't enter. I want my chances to be better for winning! ;-)



Janine said...

Thank you Tami!

B's Mom said...


Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

I love giveaways!
thanks for visiting Marlie and Me...and becoming a follower!

Shaunells Hair said...

I saw you on SITS and saw your sweater purse.How creative you are!! Way to go,and tell us how is it working out?? Happy SITS!

Melissa @ Cellulite Investigation said...

Wow, Tami. I am always so impressed with women who are crafty like this! And what a sweet kid to agree to model for you!

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