May 18, 2009

Monday's Projects & Boys' Rooms

I wanted to sew more today, but decided that our house was getting more and more in need of a good scrubbing, so I did the whole house this morning. Top to bottom as well as most of the laundry. G's room turned into a huge project that wasn't meant to be one. I was just going to vaccuum, but I started organizing books and moving furniture and it went on and on from there. It is all nice an clean and organized now and of course, I can't do one without the other, so V's was cleaned and organized too.

Then I picked up the boys, came home and started sewing these little stuffed guys.

As long as the boys' rooms are all organized and the beds are made, I took a few pictures.
This is V's room. Very bright (he picked the turqoise) and Pokemoncentric. I just got them the shaggy blankets that are on their beds and surprised them with them when they got home from school. They are super soft.

Reading before bedtime.

This is G's room. This is what you see when you look in the door. He actually has two side-by-side rooms joined with a pocket door but the other room has toys everywhere, so we're going to clean that up together this weekend.
I put the bulletin board under his window so he can have secret messages under the curtains.

The wall above his bed. I painted these canvases for him.

The shelves I rearraged today. These dresser drawers were beside his stereo under the window. I moved them around today.
Also a Pokemon room.

Reading before bedtime.

That was my big day. Whew hoo.


Mommyof2girlz said...

I love the boys rooms and I want that OWL!!! So cute!!!

lorelailette♚ said...

Love the room and the cute little plush toys

Small House said...

Oh my goodness you're talented. You paint, you sew, you decorate....etc....etc....
Rooms were cute and so were the monster creatures.

Whitney said...

Whoa. . . you cleaned and you sewed all in one day?! Hmm... I really need to get my priorities in order!!!

I LOVE thoes little monsters! They are so cute!

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