April 21, 2013

Shoulder-less Shirt Re-Make From A Thrift Store Find

 I have had a couple of tops that I saw on Pinterest on my Sewing Inspiration board on Pinterest for a while now and have been thinking about how I can make a shirt like these.  I love the cut out shoulder and decided I can do this myself. 

So, I started with this shirt... I will look for a more appropriately shaped on my next trip to Salvation Army, but this one will do for now.  It is a crepe-y kind of material.  Not sure what to call it.

So, I started at the collar and moved out about 1/2 inch from the collar and cut away the shoulder and the top part of the arm, keeping the underarm connected.  I left the 1/2 inch so that I could hem it right up to the collar.  I did a rolled hem the whole way around the section that I cut out.

Then I tried it on and realized that the underarm was too big on me.  You can see that here.
So, I took the arm and the side of the shirt in. It is a size large and I am a small.  In hindsight, I should have taken it in first to be sure it fit.  So, I cut away the excess material that I had taken in.  It showed through the shirt too much to leave it.  Then I sewed the sleeve to the bodice from the arm pit up about 3 inches both on the front and back.
This is how it turned out and I really like it, but I will still look for a dress that I can make like the first picture above.   Maybe I should have combed my hair or put on some make-up before taking pictures to share with the world.  Oh well, au natural it is.
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Mare said...

You are so talented! I could never do that. It looks great! And no, you don't need to fix your hair or makeup for pics...lol.

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