August 9, 2011

Bloggers! Try this!

I just figured out the coolest thing!  It was quite by accident.  If you blog on blogger or log into your blog through gmail and you have a smart phone or tablet you have to try this!

Find the app called "HP iPrint" in the market.  I found this in my Android Market, but I have  feeling it is available in the iPhone market too.

Anyway, download it and open it.  My printers are too old to print from this app, but I opened my Gallery from this app and it pulled up EVERY  picure from all three of my jblogspot blogs in the gallery!!!

I tell you, it was a total walk down memory lane!  Pictures from back when I started blogging filled my gallery. I am quite amazed how much blogging I have done and how many aweaome projects I have done.  You really must try it.  And, if your blog is through some other site and you try it, let me know if it works or not.

Like I said, my printers won't print these because they aren't connected to wifi but I will keep the app just to have all of those pictures to look at!


jennifer said...

Hey,Very interesting and informative.This really works.I have a own blog.I'm going to share with my friends also.Very appreciated work.

Mommyof2girlz said...

That is so cool, thanks for sharing about the app...I will go check it our right now!

amy & lisa said...

Hey...I was just reading my comments from awhile back. I forgot that I had my comments set to review for approval. :)
You asked if I set my blog to be followed by email and I am happy to announce that, yes, that is an option now. :) Just to let you know however, that my blog Personally You Parties has changed. Here's the new link/new blog
or you can just get there from the old blog, etc.
Thanks and have a great day!!

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