June 27, 2011

Summertime in Our Backyard...

Summer is finally here in upstate NY.  We JUST got out of school on Friday and the weather couldn't be better.  I thought I would share with you my little corner of paradise.  My husband and I have been working really hard to get the weeding, trimming and mowing done, the pool nice and clean and all of my pretty summer stuff out. 

First, I have to show you how pretty the laurel is in our area.  These white flowers are like little lanterns that open to reveal a pretty little pink polka dots.  I love it in my pink pail.  This is on our back screened-in porch.

Next, is the small flower bed.  My boys and I ripped out all of the rocks from around the bed because you could barely see them because of the weeds and grass growing through them this spring.  So, the other day, we spent the day taking them out and putting them back after my husband weed-whacked around the garden.  It looks so much better!

 I found these pretty little flowers growing in this garden.  So pretty!
This bench is beside that flower garden.  I had planned to paint it, but now that I've taken pictures of it, I am thinking I won't paint it.  It has such a nice patina!

What do you think?  Paint or no paint?

I used the hedge clippers and cut all of the hedges on the back of the house.  I still have more to do on the side of the house.  They will be done soon.
 I also ripped out a dead bush from this small garden on the backside of the pool yard. 
 Another picture of those pretty flowers!  Columbine, if you were wondering.

My dear husband did a whole lot of weed-whacking back by the fence and all around the pool yard.  It is a huge job. I appreciate him so much!

On the stairs of our back deck, I planted some planters full of begonias.  I just love begonias because they never fail me.  I've had them in my house and they bloomed and outside and they bloom beautifully.
So here are a few pretty pictures of those double begonias...

Here is my view from where I sit and read, relax or play on my tablet.  I've changed the umbrella on the table to a real market umbrella and moved the striped beach umbrella over beside me.  Also, I used a heat-proof black paint to paint the fire pit.  It looks SO much better.

Here is my view overhead.  I love paper lanterns. They make me happy. 
 Here is an accidental photo taken while carrying the lanterns out to put them up.  Isn't that neat?
 This is where I plop my butt when I want to relax.  It is nice and shady and I can watch the boys in the pool.  I re-covered the cushion that was on this bench and made matching buttons.  I also made the pillows on the back by cutting an old bed pillow in half (don't use a down one!) and covering the halves to make two cushions.  The bottom of each cushion is thicker than the top. They stand up nicely.

I also repainted the furniture from hunter green to this glossy black.  Love how it turned out.  So simple, but such a huge difference!
This is my outdoor livingroom.  I suggest everyone have one!  The little table will be the next thing to be painted.  It is still the old hunter green.  It will be black very soon!
And here is the actual market umbrella I just bought.  Perfect color!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the little tour of my back yard.  Welcome, SUMMER!!!

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I love your backyard! I just happened to stumble across your post when I hit the "next blog" button. I'm so glad I did.

As for the bench - don't paint it. It's PERFECT the way it is.

And you've inspired me to go purchase some paper lanterns. After years and years of no back yard except what I referred to as "the pit", my kids and I worked diligently last summer and put in grass, some small kitchen gardens, and my husband laid a new patio outside our side doors. This year we are outdoors every day and loving it.

Thanks for sharing. Your photos are beautiful.

Melissa said...

I could live in your backyard! Thanks for sharing it! Texas is SO hot and I very much enjoyed pretending my weather was as lovely as yours.

Your yard is simply gorgeous. Please enjoy it a little extra for me.

Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

Thank you, both! Our weather hasn't been the best for swimming, but very nice for playing in the back yard!

wendy said...

Everything is looking awesome Tami. I know the yard work is never ending an in NY it seems like we get little time to enjoy it. Not that you will be surprised but I say leave the bench the way it is. I love the latterns and may just have to copy that one. Where did you get those? Great job.

Craftberry Bush said...

Oh wow Tami...how beautiful...! How do you keep all that land so manicured and tidy? just wanted to say thank you so much for stopping by and joining me in my creative journey...I tried to respond to your email directly but you are a non-reply blogger...so I couldn't..:( sorry.
I'm glad I got a chance to stop by and visit you here...I'll be staying for a while...hope you don't mind....:) Have a great weekend...xo

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