April 27, 2011

The Picnic Room is OPEN

If you have followed my blog for a while now {or know me personally}, you know that my son has dubbed our screened-in porch "The Picnic Room".  We love this room and wouldn't live without one ever again!  It is officially ready for SPRING.  I cleaned every surface today and put pretty flowers and table wares on the table.  Our weather has been crazy... last week we had SNOW flurries and this week it has been humid and in the 80's.   This crazy weather hasn't stopped our flowers from blooming.  So pretty!!!

For this arrangement, I put two small votive cups with water into the wooden crate and filled them with water and short stemmed flowers.  I love how it looks like I've just come from the farmer's market with my flowers. 

Janet, recognize the little yellow pedestal you gave me?  I didn't even have to spray paint it!  Also, the glass thrift store vase the guy almost broke because he thought it was plastic?

I hope you are all ready for Spring and enjoy the wonderful weather we are having if you live near us!

Here are some other ideas for interesting "flower containers"....  Just insert votive cups and fill with flowers!

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