December 1, 2010

Our Fireplace Mantle

Ah... the holidays are here again!  I do love decorating the house for Christmas.  Here is my mantle this year.  More pictures of the rest of the house to come later.

  I love these beaded fuzzy stockings.  They are really sparkly and so is the key ornament, so they look really pretty, especially when the flood lights are on the fireplace.
 These cute beaded snowflakes were my Grandmother's.  She may even have made them... not sure.

Have fun decorating for the season!

The Lettered Cottage


Mare said...

Tami, Grandma used to order ornament kits from one of her catalogs for us to make, so I'm pretty sure she probably made the snowflakes.

Holly@Life as a Lofthouse said...

SO cute!! Love your gorgeous decorations :)

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