September 20, 2009

Wedding Card

About 8 years ago, I saw this cute little card in a shop in San Diego. I loved it and decided to sketch it out on a piece of paper that was in my purse. I then copied it to my "idea notebook" that I keep in my craftroom. I was cleaning and reorganizing my craft room last week when
I came across that notebook. So, I decided to work out how to make the card. I hand-drew the pictures on it after I figured out how to fold it. I then painted it with watercolors and then traced it in black ink.
Here it is.

And here is a template if you would like it. Be sure to click on the photo so that it opens
larger before you try to print it.



Atlanta said...

thats Just adoraable! Would make a cute wedding invite too if done just right ;)

Small House said...

YOU CAN DRAW TO?!!! It doesn't end with you. You're amazing. The card turned out very cute.

Gimmeahaller said...

I am the proud owner of this awesome card! Thanks so much Tami, it's so stinkin cute!!

Yes, I'm a lot late on here, I finally found my little notebook of passwords, LOL!! I told Troy, I'm NEVER moving again, he's stuck with me no matter what!


dini said...

i love to see ur blog...especially this one... cause i make weddng card too... and all are handmade :)

if u dont mind i would like to have ur link on my blog... would u mind do it too for me? :)

thanks very much

big hug from dini in indonesia ^^

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