June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Have a great Father's Day, Dad!!!

Here is part of Graham's Stand Up Routine in the talent show.
In case you can't quite make out what he's saying {the sound is kind of odd}, I've included the jokes below.

1) What is long, green and dangerous? (Response: an alligator?)

answer: No, a herd of stampeding cucumbers!

2) What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor?

answer: "Where's my tractor?"

3) Three holes: Well, well, well!

4) {cut off} What do you call an elephant at the North Pole?

answer: Lost!

5) What do you call a hippo in a phone booth?

answer: Stuck!

6) Have you heard the one about the dinosaur?

answer: Of course not, it's extinct!

7) Why should you keep dynomite in your glove compartment?

answer: In case you need to blow up a tire!

8) Why was the mushroom invited to all the parties?

answer: Because he was a fun-guy {fungi}!

9) {cut off} Why do ballerinas wear tu-tus?

answer: Because one-ones are too small and

three-threes are too big!

10) What do you get when you combine a vampire with a snowman?

answer: Frostbite!

11) What do you get when you cross a great white shark with a porcupine?

answer: As far away as possible!

12) What is invisible and smells like bananas?

answer: Monkey burps!

There is one more quick part that I almost missed because I shut off the camera,

but he walked off the stage like a robot. What a natural goofball!

1 comment:

Janine said...

Ha ha G.! You are so talented and you did so well telling all those jokes! How did you remember them all?

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