April 24, 2011

Day 3 in San Diego- Delmar

 Tueday was a huge day on our trip. We started out our day in Delmar enjoying the beach at low-tide.  We found lots of great sea shells which we packed into a plastic box my son had taken with him on the trip.  By the time I opened them at home, we realized there was a creature in one of those shells which had expired.  P.U.!  It was really gross.

The pelicans were everywhere this trip.  I was surprised to see so many.

After Delmar, we headed down to Cabrillo on Point Loma.  We have a soft spot for this location because this is where we were married 17 years ago.  We stood on the wedding bluff for the ceremony and went down to the tide pool area for pictures.  It really is an amazing area.  I will post pictures from there tomorrow. 

I hope you are enjoying the trip!

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