February 19, 2010

I LOVE Scarves {and Purses!}

Amanda, of the awesome Kevin & Amanda blog, posted about her scarf collection. I love it (you should go check it out next).... and was thinking about all of the scarves I own. So, I told Amanda I would post mine too, so here it is. Hers scarves are the the cottony kind, and mine are the silky kind. I just love the fun colors in my closet. Can you tell I like black and white much???

I love to wear these in my hair (as a headband or to tie it back), around my neck or, my favorite way, to tie them on my purse. It just adds a splash of color when it is needed.

I also posted part of my purse collection below too. You will notice that there are even scarves tied to some of them....

PS... this closet is a really shallow one that is in a space on the back side of our shower (so you can get to the shower control stuff) and they put these bedspring thingies in there so you can store shoes in it, but shoes never really worked out very well on them because I have too many shoes and too many different kinds of shoes (a lot of boots... ahem... another collection.... SHHHHH!) so, I stored my purses in there. That worked out better for me. I didn't get a picture of the top purses because it turned out blurry and I didn't feel like running back upstairs to take another picture, but you get the idea....

Yes, I know this is a link, but I couldn't get it to paste any other way. Grrr!

And speaking of bad boot habits.... look what I bought today. Love them!

Okay... enough collections. I have others (like paper), but I'll save that for another day.

Have a great one!



www.kevinandamanda.com said...

TAMI!!!!!!!!! :) I'm coming to raid your closet!!! I love it!! :D

Lilee▲ said...

haha awesome !

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

I would love to play dress up in that closet! Scarves are my favorite accessory at the moment!
Have Sits Sharefest!

Cranky Mommy said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!
I love scarves too, but I don't really know what to do with them. I don't think I'll show up on an episode of What Not to Wear, but I totally missed the accessorizing gene. The way you store your purses is great. I may have missed out on the organization gene too HAHA!
I'll be hanging around for a while this morning - I see lots of topics I like!

Eva Gallant said...

Wow! I don't have nearly thst many scarves or purses! And you are so organized!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you'll drop by often!

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