February 10, 2010

CHEAP Fun New Crafts....

Just sharing some stuff that I made this week.

These are some Fuze drink bottles which I removed the wrapper from. I made the snowman head with a styrofoam ball. I cut a hole through the middle. Then I used brads for the eyes and made a nose out of fimo clay with a straight-pin head stuck in the back of it. I had to put the nose in crookedly so that it didn't put a hole in the straw! The snowflake in the fleece scarf is a brad also. I found this idea online. I want to say I found it at One Pretty Thing, but I can't remember!

Here's the new color of my craftroom walls! Pretty blue. It is called "Bottle Blue" on the Colorplace Paint Chip at Walmart. So CHEERY and PRETTY!!! Now, see this shelving on the left? I made a curtain to cover it (see below)...

These are some fabrics that I got at $1 a yard at Walmart. So pretty. I have no idea what I will do with them....

This was a pretty tray that my aunt gave me long ago. It had a crackle to it and a pretty hand painted design on the middle of the bottom, but I sat something hot on it and burned it. So, I painted it to match this toille fabric I put in the bottom. The design on the sides is stamped on with white ink. I cut the fabric about 1/4 inch bigger than the bottom of the tray...hemmed the fabric with a zigzag stitch, then coated the top and bottom with ModPodge. Then I sprayed it with a sealer. Now it is washable. I also sealed the painted parts. The edges were painted white and the bottom of the whole tray is painted black....althought you can't see it in this picture. This is going to sit on my table in me craftroom which I painted on Friday and Saturday (see below!)

Here is the curtain topper. This was actually a tab-top curtain to which I added fabric strips and ribbon. The flowers are made of paper and they are attached with flower brads.

This is my card display. I belong to a card group on YahooGroups which sends the most beautiful cards. I hate to put them away or throw them away, so I made some display space in my craftroom where I can honor my friends' hard work. I used a curtain rod from Dollar General and some little clips I got at Salvation Army (I've seen them at Walmart though)...

This is my other project I came up with. See the crate thing above, on my table? I have a set of those shelves that I put in my closet to store my 12x12 paper. They are nice for that. But there were some extra sections of shelving that I didn't know what to do with. So, I hot glued some dollar store cork board to it. I then put two nails in the wall that I can hang them on. I didn't like the nail heads sticking out of the corners, so I also hot glued those paper flowers/brads onto the nailheads. Whimsical & very cute!

Then, I also did the same thing under this curtain rod. But I hung the grids on the nails {also with flowers glued to them} and put some pretty, decorative binder clips on them so I can attach the cards to them .
Here's what they look like on the wall. The frame in the middle has some pretty wrapping paper in it. I also "wrapped" my tables in some black and white, heavy wrapping paper. It is the double-sided kind that you get at Hallmark, but I found it at the dollar store.

Oh.... and I made a Dark Chocolate Hershey's cake (from the back of the Special Dark Hershey's Cocoa box) with the icing recipe that is on there too.

I also made two boys' valentines for school. This is my 4th grader's valentine. There is candy behind the picture of my son.

My 1st grader's Valentine treats.
There are more, but I have to get to work and finish MY valentines!


Christa Terry said...

When I see this level of getting things done, I feel like a lump ;-) Thanks for the motivation!

WhisperingWriter said...

So cool! I wish I had the patience for crafts.

That cake looks amazing by the way. Yum.

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Looking good! Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

Heather - Dollarstorecrafts.com said...

Yay for good dollar store finds!! :)


Andrea said...

Girl, you have been busy! The valentines are great. I love the curtains in your craft room. The ribbon on top is genius! So pretty.

Cranky Mommy said...

You have wonderful ideas. My living room is painted the same color as Bottle Blue (I used BB as a base coat and a matching Behr on top). It makes me happy every time I see it.

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