January 8, 2011

Bird Feeder Tree

Taking the tree down after Christmas is somewhat disappointing .  All of that hard work putting it up.... all of that pretty glitter gone... that cute little tree lying on the ground on its side looking all sad. 

Well, this year, we decided to reuse the tree after we undecorated it.  I love it!  My boys and I made bird food ornaments out of two-day-old bread and some old English Muffins which were a bit dry.  We also strung popcorn for the birds. Here's my little guy with the bowl of goodies for on the tree....

It is on the deck outside of our kitchen window so I can watch for birds while I do dishes and cook.  Of course, let's hope it isn't a bird trap for these guys who also hang out outside my window all day.
And yes, they brought me a present.  This picture is taken from inside my window.  They are our neighbor's cats and I feel them about 10 pieces of dry food a day.  The way they hang around, you'd think I was feeding them sushi!  So sweet!  Look at those faces!

Thank you, Catz!  But Just SAY NO to Birdies!

Anyway, back to our tree...
We used a large cookie cutter (the new scalloped one I got in NY City) and cut ornaments out of bread. We put holes in the rounds and tied string through the holes.   We then spread peanut butter over some of them and "dipped" the pb side in sesame seeds and sunflower kernals.  We left some plain so that the birds can eat just the bread.  We also decided to use the outsides of the bread too so we won't be wasteful.  I think the birds are going to like it! 

We popped popcorn and strung it with needle and thread...  (don't mind the purple shirts... it was school pride day at school and our school colors are purple and white). Only two fingers were pricked.  It only takes once to learn that lesson!

One bowl for stringing... one bowl for eating!
Now we just have to wait for the birds to find it!  Of course, overnight we might have some furry friends who decide that this is all for them!  That's okay too.  We love our woodland creatures and it is so easy, we can make more in the morning for the birds!


Judy said...

Very cute . , , and animal friendly.

Just this... Alice said...

What a great way to use the tree to prolong its use. I'm sure the birds and other critters will appreciate your efforts on their behalf.

Kathleen said...

That is such a great idea. I've wanted to do that whenever we get a live tree again. It was just too much for me this year, with a 2 year old and being pregnant.

And your son (and those neighbor cats) are adorable!

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