November 8, 2010

A Camera Case Tutorial (Not!)

I tried really hard to come up with a tutorial for the camera case I made today.  Unfortunately, there were too many steps and too many pictures and it was getting too confusing to both do the tutorial and actually construct the case.  I have two more cameras which need cases, so I will try to do a tutorial later for the other ones.  Now that I know how to do it.

I started at 11:00AM and worked until 2:00PM this afternoon. Then I worked again from 6:00PM until 8:30PM and I finished this case.  There are still a few little strings that need to be trimmed, but here it is.

What is up with this?  This picture shows up okay in PaintShop Pro, but then it
shows up sideways on Blogger?  Well, turn your head and you will be able to
see it. Sorry.  Blogger glitch?
This is my little friend who helped me with construction.  If only she had written the
tutorial for me.


Donna said...

What an awesome bag! I love the colors and style. I giggled as I read your post. I often will start projects and try to photograph the steps for blogging but then I focus on the project and leave out photos. Dinner or baking will sometime take twice as long since I photograph each step! The life of a blogger!

Judy said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Tami, Jeff, & boys!!

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