April 25, 2010

How to Paint Stripes on Furniture with Painter's Tape

I had a blast painting stripes on my dresser!  I wanted to share with you how to do this with painter's tape.  Have you ever tried to paint with painter's tape and realized that the paint has seeped under the edge of your tape, so you end up with a messy line?  So annoying!  Then you try to straighten the line and it is still a mess because painting a straight line is hard.  

Well, I have a TRICK!   Following is a tutorial to show you how you do it.

Step one....  Choose your two colors.  Paint the whole surface with the lighter of the color.  In my case, white.  Let it dry very well. 

Step two...  use a piece of the painter's tape as a spacer and make your lines.  Be sure to press the edges of the tape down very well.

This is the trick!

Next.... paint over the edges of the tape with the same light color. Weird, right?  But this seals the edges of the tape and allows anything that is going to seep under to match.  Cool, right?

See, I'm painting over the edges with white.

Here are the edges painted white.  Now let it dry, again, very well.

Now paint your other color over the white and over the tape edges and let that dry.

Remove your tape.

And  there you have it.  Nice crisp stripes.


creativejewishmom.com said...

Such a great idea and great results! Love that tiny touch of stripes! Come join my blog linking party if you have a chance (Sun to Wed or so)Would love to see you there!

Anj said...

So cute! Someone taught me that trick with the paint and it changed my world!
I can't wait to see the RED chair!!!!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

You're so good! Love the stripes and bright colors. Cheerful indeed!

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