June 27, 2009

A Whole Week

It has been a whole week since I posted. This has been a crazy week of 4 (yes, I said 4) school picnics/field days, 2 "School's Out!" pool parties, 2 birthday parties, 1 cafe opening and now an (adult... well not 'adult', but for a 40-year-old) birthday party tomorrow! While it has been fun, it has kept me from my crafting, so today I made a purse, a headband and a stuffed kitty for V. He loves cats, so I designed him and sewed him up today.

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Ours just started Thursday and I'm tired already because we stayed at a friends' house until 11:00 last night. Yawn!!!

This bag is made using a set of cotton napkins from the home department at Walmart (the pattern ($2 on clearance), some outdoor furniture canvas (the white) and some regular canvas (the blue) and two layered vintage buttons.

Pictures from the pool party at Ellie's
Pictures from the pool party at our house

A picture of Graham giving his teacher bunny ears. (tsk, tsk!)

Graham playing Geckoman at the playground. I guess that is how to get a good picture of the kid. He is generally being a goofball for pictures. These actually turned out decently.

I put up a hammock in the little wooded area behind the pool and inside the pool fence for the kids. Next, I'm going to put some bird feeders and squirrel feeders back there. If they are quiet enough, they might see some fun wildlife. They love to take their books back there and just veg.


An old one that I never posted.



Sandy Toes said...

What fun pictures!
sandy toe

A Psych Mommy said...

Wow, that is a crazy busy week!

Small House said...

Sometimes you just get itchy for a little down-time that involes a little crafting.

The cat is great!!!!
And of course, another great bag!
Have a good day.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Summer has barely started for you and already you've done so much...whew! I love the kitty...it's sew cute (pun intended)!

Brittany Ann said...

Your boys are so darling, and your backyard looks gorgeous!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh how I want a hammock. And not one on stands. I like them hanging from the trees!!!! Great pool pics! And that bag is really pretty!!!!!

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