May 24, 2009

What Imaginations....

I was listening to my boys play the other day. I quickly started taking notes because I knew I'd never remember the details of this one. You have to hear this...
G. (8) was a white blood cell named Splash. He had an antibody cannon to shoot at viruses. He also had a long tail for constricting and his special ability was shape-shifting. He could also jump up, slam and bounce as well as turn black and blue.

V. (6) was a nerve cell. He had spiky things on his head for mind control. He had fins, one eye and no arms. Oh... and two tails with claws at the end. He could fire thunderbolts and carry senses to the brain.

What happened to kids playing school?


Small House said...

HOW CUTE!! You're a lucky woman!

Janine said...

They just don't make kids like they did in the olden days!! LOL What minds they have!

Mommyof2girlz said...

LOL. Stopping by to check in and say hello :)

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