April 9, 2009

My Sewing Room

Okay... so I was asked to show my sewing room on my blog. I've seen SO many cutesy rooms that are done so well, that I'm embarrassed to show mine. I will do it though. What the heck, right?

Now, keep in mind that until about 2 or three months ago, the only thing I had sewn on with my new sewing machine was cards. That's why I wanted the machine. But then, something got into me when I saw directions on a blog showing how to make an apron. I've been sewing up a storm since!

My sewing room was, up until a few months ago, an empty room. Sitting there.... lonely. I took my old table and the dresser and desk that were left in our basement by the previous owners and set up a room of my own. Just for sewing. This room still has the wallpaper on the walls that was there when we moved in. It matches the kids' playroom too. I am not offended by it, so I haven't changed it. As a matter of fact, I love plaid, so I really don't mind it at all. You'll see what I mean.

I'll start with my vintage buttons because they're so colorful! I got this dish at Salvation Army. It was in the box & styrofoam and had never been taken out. I thought I could use it if my kids play soccer and we have the team over. Who am I kidding? LOL!

In this picture, you get to see my plaid walls. I'm sure some of you will think they are hidious, but I really kind of like them. I'll probably paint them someday, but for now, they're stayin'.

Okay, the mirror was also in the room. I had a string of lights that I wanted to put on my shabby chic tree this year. They looked pastel in the package and when I lit them up, they were way brighter than I wanted. The other day, I went to the $ store and they had these packages of silk flowers 4 for $1, so I got some. This is what I did with them. I put one petal section on each light. I thought it looked festive.

This is also the table where I cut my material and where I iron. I just use a bath mat folded in half as my ironing board.

I also found these tins at our dollar store. They were a stack of 3 for $1! LOVE them!

You really have to hit the dollar stores and thrift stores at least once a week. I almost always

come out of there $3 poorer. LOL!
You can see the shelves that go around two walls of this room. I have the boy's toys that they don't play with much up there as well as Jeff's old trucks from when he was a kid and some dolls that were mine when I was ... well... in my 20's and into country stuff more. My Great Aunt Gretchen made them for me to match my 80's decor.

The apron tied to the back of the chair is my Great Grandmother's. She made it and I love it!

I use it more as decor, but I also sometimes wear it.

This is the dresser that was left behind. I have material in these drawers. (Notice my new

D&G purse hanging on the door handle? Cute!)This closet it outside my door of my sewing room. It is actually part of the kids' playroom, but I took it over. I had their older, baby toys in there but I've finally talked them into parting with them! Yeah!
And now for the final product of today's sewing adventure. A flirty little apron for a customer!
I love this one. I showed you a picture of me in it below, but it looks a little small on me. It isn't that I made the apron too small, it is that I am too big for it. LOL! The girl who is getting it is about a size 0/2 and I am a 6/8, so it should look small.

And... last but not least....
I had to show you the shower curtain that I found at Salvation Army in Syracuse on Monday!
OMG... I can't wait to cut it up and make something (or lots of things) from it! I was reading Reinvented which is an awesome blog that shows you how to make new things from old thriftstore/yardsale finds. She is awesome... you have to check her out. But anyway, she has a list of things to pick up at yardsales, etc. today. She it SO right about fabric! A great thing to find is curtains and shower curtains because you can use them as fabric and they "usually" aren't dirty or stained! How awesome is this one????


Xazmin said...

I think your sewing room is adorable! I wish ANY room in my house were that organized!

I love that you went from sewing cards to aprons!


Anissa said...

Your room is too cute! Thanks for sharing! Love the apron! Me and my little girl tried to sew an apron a while back -- not to good -- But we had fun!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Love the shower curtain, I'm so excited to see what you make out of it! And the sewing room? Fabulous. I SO wish I had a room to dedicate to crafting, but I guess the corner of the basement will have to do! thanks for the shout-out!

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