April 11, 2009

Crazy Easter Hats & Eggs

We got our eggs decorated. Look how cool these turned out! First V. did the traditional eggs and G. did the spin eggs and then they switched places half way through. I love the way they turned out! I found this egg plate at Salvation Army a few months ago. I almost forgot about it!

These are the cupcake papers I made for Valentine's Day. we needed more places to sit the eggs, so I grabbed them and stapled them smaller so they fit the eggs. This plate is also from S.A. (imagine that!)
The boys had some little cotton swabs that had paint in them (for decorating eggs) and this is what they did with them. They are monsters (most of them).
Here is G. spinning the eggs in our egg spinner. Pressing really hard!
And here is V. making traditional eggs.

Now for the crazy hats....
My MIL and I were complaining that nobody dresses up for Easter anymore. She said it was so fun to go and get your new hat for Easter. So, I said we should wear our hats for Easter. She said, "But I don't have one." So I said, "Well, get one or make one!"

We then decided that EVERYONE should have to wear a hat and make a crazy hat. So, we're making them today. The kids and I have ours done, but J. isn't done yet.

Here they are....


kimmcl said...

What a great idea!! I love it. Your boys look so happy too! LOL!! You've got my creative juices flowing now - I'll have to go digging through my craft supplies. Happy Easter to you!!! ~Kim

Anissa said...

My two yongest would love to make that! My 14 year old I think NOT!LOL

Thanks for sharing -- Love the hats.

Julia said...

Your eggs are gorgeous. Lets just say ours are not quiet so well decorated! WE at least dyed 21 eggs between a 2, 4 and 38 yr old. Somehow we only spilled one bowl of dye... The first hat is lovely. The boys hat is so rustic and perfect for him that no other words need to be said!!! :)

Anissa said...

Did I miss something! When I was hear earlier that top half wasn't there! We are going to do our eggs tomorrow.

I love the little spinning thing -- how cute is that!

charmaine said...

love this idea,how creative! love the Easter eggs the colors are so pretty! Happy Easter!

God Bless,

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