October 20, 2011

Cool photo

I took this macro photo this summer and just came across it.  Thought you might like to see.  How cool is this little guy???  I also had some other creatures in my yard that I don't think I've posted so check them out below!

Another shoot my friend and I went on involved a walk down some railroad tracks early in the morning. It was a very foggy morning.  The steam was rising off of the river and everything was covered with dew.

We met this guy on the track with his owner.  He had no dew on him.  Such an odd looking pup!

  This is the actual pre-production picture...
 This score board is at the track where we walk in the morning.  You can sort of see the fog in front of the trees.

The horses are on the track....  This horsey swing is at the playground near the tracks.
 This is the actual picture with no processing.  Cool track marks!

This bee was on my friend's sweatshirt. Great photo op!


ΕΥΓΕΝΙΑ said...

Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

I love how you've captured the light bouncing off the first spider, a stunning selection of photos. Definite talent.

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Hey sweetie! Fabulous captures, love the dew one and the orange spider on the web..all fabulous captures!

Yes we are loving the fall here in PA, such a change from a CA city. Most the trees are bare now, just waiting for the snow I guess..lol

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