July 9, 2011

Decorative Boxes

 I finally had some time to hang out in my craftroom today and this is what I accomplished after I cleaned my table off (no small feat!)  I have had these black shiny boxes sitting around for quite some time, so I decided it was time to do something with them.  I added some decorative papers and some ribbons and a bit of glitter to make these.  


Below are the kinds of products I used.  They aren't exact, but you could make these using the stuff I've posted below. 

These are the type of boxes I used...

You could use this kind of chipboard alphabet for the numbers on the top.  I used raw ones as seen below...and covered them with glitter.

I couldn't find the polka-dot crepe paper that I used on box number two online, but any crepe paper will do!  Just fold it back and forth and attach the center of the circle with some hot glue!
I used a black yarn like this one around the edge of box number 3.  I also used satin ribbon folded back and forth and glued into a fan fold.


Mommyof2girlz said...

Those are so cute, love the colors! What will you do with them?

Roshni said...

real nice transforms!!!like the colors

Julia said...

Very wonderful masterpiece! You really have a good taste for art. And I suppose the materials you used aren't too expensive? Your works are really amazing.

I've been doing reviews of similar stuffs on this site: http://www.decorativestorageboxesnow.org/

They have amazing designs too.

Amanda Brett said...

thanks for setting out all the "ingredients" like that, i'm gonna go to my local craft supplier and see what i can get ... have a fab day!!

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