December 5, 2010

Christmas Tree 2010

Santa is coming to town!  We decorated the tree last night after a day of baking peppermint candycane cookies and listening to Christmas music.  I love my decorations!  Here are a few ornaments on the tree....

A picture from the kitchen doorway.  It looks so festive... I hate to think that I have to put all of this away in a month.

Our living room where the freshly cut tree sits in front of the window.
My collection of music boxes are on the end tables and the coffee table.

The tree topper and big bow.

See that blue beaded oranment?  My aunt Gretchen made it for me.  I have several others that
she has made too.  I may just have to do a post just for those!  They are so pretty and such a lot of work!
She has quite a talent!

The tree skirt is adorable, don't you think?  A gift from my mother-in-law.

Old world Santa head... matches the tree skirt.

Another beaded wonder gift from my aunt Gretchen.  I love it!
 Just a pretty picture...
My 7-year-old's village.  He loves to set this up under the stairs.  He also has a whole collection of little vintage wooden ornaments which he displays all around it.

See the vintage wooden ornaments?  That isn't even all of them.
These are the cookies we made.  Huge... and they were TOO minty for me.
Like eating toothpaste.  But the kids liked them!
I bet Santa will too...

If there are any left!

Happy Holidays to you!  Hope you enjoyed seeing our tree and thank you for visiting!


Holyoke Home said...

We're putting up our tree REALLY close to the holiday in hopes that we can keep it up all January - when we really need the cheering up!

HollyL said...

I just LOVE your tree!! And all of your beautiful decorations :) We have the same style sense! Love it!

Anne Alagna said...

Your home looks beautiful at the holidays! I wouldnt want to have to take it down either! I really love the cardinal ornie you showed. Did you make that or purchase it?

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