July 25, 2010

One Creative Day....

I follow a great blog called Whimsy Love and I always get great ideas there!  You really should check her
out she has a ton of great kid ideas.  We found a recipe for homemade sidewalk paint and made it up this afternoon.  The boys played and played with it.  It dries so nicely.  The colors really come out when it is dry.

The garden is now very colorful!  The rocks are so pretty.

Even my pole in the backyard was painted a pretty shade of blue.

Today was a very creative day.  I was doodling in a notebook which was sitting in front of me with these.

I was met with challenge after challenge...  My boys insisted that I couldn't think like a boy because I was doodling lady bugs and rainbows and flowers.  So, I took them up on the challenge.
The first thing I had to draw was a Cobra with bat wings and a scorpion tail.  The top one is mine and the bottom two are G's.
Next, I was challenged to draw a dragon.  I never laughed so hard as I tried.  He looks more like a kangaroo with an ardvaark head.  LOL!  Gs is much better than mine!  His looks mean.

Next came the Sea Serpent... mine...

and G's
A Cyber Falcon... (I had to ask what that was because I guess I just don't really think like a boy!)
He put electricity all over his.  I added mine at the last minute because I didn't "get it".
So, I guess this goes to show that moms can't think much like boys... or at least this mom can't.  All of mine turned out a bit girly.  We have lots and lots of comics drawn at our house.  Both boys have come up with their own special characters and they both draw for Meep Comix Inc.  This is their own company.  I will have to do a special post about that sometime soon.

Another part of our creative day? 
We also made some excellent food....   Jeff made salsa.... and ribs.

and I made blueberry muffins...  they were excellent and I will post the recipe on my food blog asap!

How were you creative today?


1 comment:

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

I love comments too!

;) Good thing I love leaving comments...

Your chalk garden reminds me of a scene from a Mary Poppins picture book I had when I was young. Beautiful and colorful, but fleeting...only here until the rain comes.

I'm so glad I "hopped" by your blog. You made my afternoon!

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