June 11, 2010


I spent the afternoon repainting my little bird feeder and planting my zinnias beside the pool. I also dragged all of the HEAVY metal furniture down from the garage attic. (Well, not the table because we kept it out all winter) OMG... I think I will have bruises on my hip bones.  Seriously! 

Anyway, here are the pictures of my flowers and feeder.  The feeder had become totally faded due to the direct sunlight, so I took my decorative paints out and painted right beside the pool.  I am going to spray it with an acrylic coating tomorrow.... there may be some stripes added as well.

I had a little friend helping me with my painting.  Our neighbor's cats love to come "help" me do whatever it is I am doing outside.  Today he knocked over the entire palette of paint onto the patio.  Stinker!  Serves him right getting white paint on his little nose. 

The other day, I was weeding and along came kitty.  He took a flying leap from a ledge next to me right onto my shoulder with his front paws and his hind paws were on my forearm.  He didn't stick his claws in me though.  I laughed so hard at this crazy cat... I'm sure if the neighbors had heard me, they would have wondered if I had gone insane.  Of course, he did stick his claws in me in this picture.  That is my pant leg he is climbing up.  In another helpful instance, little Mr. here stuck his head through a bush just as I was clipping away on the side.  He was almost missing his whiskers!

All is well though and he is just fine and still very helpful.  Especially when I bend over
to pull weeds and he jumps up onto my back like it is a table.  Cute and cuddly, but silly and sinister at times!


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Mommyof2girlz said...

Love the feeder, so creative. You house is just so gorgeous I am definably thinking of putting your town on my short list of places to settle..lol

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