August 13, 2009

Summertime at the Pond

Every season, I take my camera to the pond near our house and take pictures of my boys by this same tree. It didn't start as a tradition, but it seems to have turned into one. Do you have things that you do like this? I like to call them "accidental traditions". I am going to go back through my pictures someday and find them all and put them in one place. {Yes, that dreaded "someday"}. It will be fun to look at them all as they get older.

In other news.... V. lost his tooth last night and the toothfairy came! She left him $3. He is so excited. The tooth that was in there had been loose for so long that food accumulated in it and started rotting it, so we had to get it out of there. We couldn't tell last night, but this morning, there is a shiny, pointy white tooth sticking out in that space. Here's his toothless grin (sort of).


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