March 30, 2009

First Tooth!

It has been a big day for both of my boys.

My BABY has lost his first tooth tonight. Whaaa!!!!

And my big boy was SO brave during his first surgery ever. He had a mole removed and wasn't nervous at all before and was only a little upset when they put the needle in. Other than that, he was quiet as a mouse and played Pokemon on his DS during the procedure. I'm SO proud of both of my little guys! I caught G. with his eyes half open. He can never keep them open with a flash.


Kimm at Reinvented said...

Such good-looking young men! Will the tooth fairy come tonight???

Small House said...

Oh my word, look at that proud cute boy. Hope the tooth fairy found her way to your house. And great scrapbook page.
Have a great day.

Whitney said...

I notice that he was very straight baby teeth. That's quite lucky, I hope the adult ones grow in that straight!! <-- Did that sound weird? I'm sorry, I'm a "teeth" person.

And what will the tooth fairy bring I wonder?

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